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Colour Analysis Consultation

Allow up to 2 hours

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Colour Analysis Online

Online only. Includes a short 30 min video call

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Chromotherapy LED Facial

Allow up to 45 mins

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Chromotherapy Sessions

Allow 1 hour

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Makeup & Skincare Consultation

Local Area or Online. Allow up to 90 mins

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Makeup & Skincare Audits

Local Area or Online. Allow 1 hour

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Lash Lifts

Allow up to 90 mins

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Relaxing facials

Allow up to 1 hour

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Hand & Arm Massage

Allow 30 mins

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Ladies Nights

Covid restrictions apply, please ask before booking. Local Area Only. Allow up to 3 hours

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Colour Taster Workshop

Covid restrictions apply, please ask before booking. Local Area Only. For Groups of up to 15

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Wardrobe Harmonising

Allow a minimum of 2 hours

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Makeup Product Range

Online catalogue

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Printable Guides

Via Email

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Hi! Thanks for visiting MamaLippys Beauty Therapy!
A very warm welcome from me to you.

I'm Kate, a wife and mum of one from York UK. 
I started out life in business support, I liked the organisation of admin and the service of being a PA. I went to a business college, studied my degrees and hit life with a bang! And as much as I loved my work and always strived to be the best in my field I couldn't shake a feeling I was missing out on something. I expanded my training into other fields... HR Management, Customer Service, Retail, Sales and even Event & Wedding planning to try and find what it was that held my interest but as it turned out it was a lost love of colour and a lipstick that turned my attention and reignited my fire.

I launched MamaLippys Beauty Therapy in 2016 and have enjoyed helping ladies to find their inner sparkle and bring it to the surface ever since. I find the world of colour fascinating and I love how it can change a persons perspective and show their hidden confidence.

As a mum to a young mini-me, I’m well-aware of the constant demands of family life which means “you time” is almost always bottom of the list. But, whatever your priorities, and however consuming they may be, with my online service I can help you regain or reshape your colour confidence to look and feel fabulous without cutting into that precious family time. When you are wearing colours that harmonise perfectly with your skin tone it makes you feel empowered and confident in clothes and makeup that make you feel amazing. Which is something we all deserve.

So the only question is.... What can I help you with? 
Let's find your inner colour confidence.

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